About miracles

course - a connected series of gatherings or actions or developments; "The federal government took a business course"; "historians can only point out Individuals traces for which proof is accessible"

path - a keep track of or mark still left by something which has passed; "there as being a path of blood"; "a tear remaining its path on her cheek"

, "Fannie Lou Hamer's declaration 'I am Unwell and Weary of staying Ill and tired' remains a rally cry for Black persons in Milwaukee," 25 June 2020 These things provide the South a Particular vulnerability, as did the haphazard response from some governors given that the ailment began to course in the region. — Margaret Newkirk, Bloomberg.com

within the course of his daily life/the subsequent few weeks/the Conference and so on → während seines Lebens/der nächsten paar Wochen/der Versammlung and so forth; in the course of time/the dialogue → im Laufe der Zeit/Unterhaltung; it’s in the course of currently being carried out → es wird gerade gemacht; from the course of shaving → beim Rasieren; within the common course of matters, you can hope … → unter normalen Umständen könnte guy erwarten …; being in the course of character → in der Natur der Sache liegen ? owing

course - education and learning imparted inside of a number of lessons or meetings; "he took a course in basket weaving"; "flirting just isn't mysterious in college or university lessons"

direction, way - a line bringing about an area or level; "he seemed the other direction"; "failed to know how residence"

industrial arts - a course while in the methods of working with equipment and machinery as taught in secondary universities and specialized schools

course - normal line of orientation; "the river normally takes a southern course"; "the northeastern trend on the coast"

: connected to, served by, or out there by way of a system and especially a pc or telecommunications procedure (like the net) an online databases also : finished whilst connected to this kind of system online buying online video games online seeking

, carrying that much lengthy-dress in makeup so normally can clog pores and result in all kinds of pores and skin difficulties if it is not properly taken off in advance of sleeping. — Nicola Dall'asen, Attract

childbirth-preparing class - a course that teaches pregnant women to employ respiratory and focus and acim workout methods to utilize throughout labor

) seguir su curso; It may be finest to Allow nature acquire its course..Puede ser mejor dejar las cosas seguir su curso organic.

the same old purchase of and time expected to get a sequence of functions; frequent procedurethe sickness ran its course

one of many pairs of strings on an instrument on the lute household, tuned in unison or in octaves to improve the quantity.

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